There is Beauty in Brokenness

Brokenness is an opportunity for a beautiful light to shine through you. We all experience pain and face challenges in life. Challenges come in various forms and we do not all face or experience the same challenges. It could be health challenges, employment or financial challenges, or relational challenges; this is by no means an exhaustive list. Most often than not, we wish that certain challenges do not fall upon us, and if they do, we question why. "Why me?" I read an article a few months ago that challenged me with a question - "Why not you?" It made me reflect on this "journey called life". Yes it is a journey. Things are not always going to be smooth sailing and I've always known that suffering produces character.

The Japenese art of Kintsugi provides some useful insight on brokenness. It is an ancient practice of repairing cracked or broken ceramics using a precious  metal, such as liquid gold or silver to bring the broken pieces together. The result is a beautiful and somewhat magical piece - no longer broken but changed and transformed for the better. So what can we learn from the Kintsugi practice? When an object breaks it doesn't necessarily mean it is no longer useful. There is value in brokenness but it's up to us as individuals to change our mindset and see the value, and seize the opportunity to change the old and make it new. Challenges are a part of life - some we cannot escape. We have to go through it (as much as we wish to avoid it or go around it). Challenges provide us with an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. It makes us grow. We become wiser and more knowledgeable. And although adversity presents us with a negative experience or life event, once we get through it, it has a postive impact on our life and the lives of others. We are now in a position to comfort others who may be faced with a challenging life event. We can add value and be a helper to others based on our own experiences. We can support others to get out of a "dark" place and into a place of "light". So whenever you face pain, loss, or challenges and you feel broken, remember there is beauty in brokenness.

Fill my cracks with gold (2)