Stephanie Sua

Pink and black

I love a number of colours and pink is definitely one of them. I've also grown to love tailored suits, having worked in the city for over 5 years. This suit is definitely me. I opted to team this up with a black camisole bodysuit (as merchandised in Zara) and it fit perfectly. My bag is quite old. I bought this bag from Oasis a few years ago and I decided to bring it back. It's great that you can rejuvenate pieces from the past and make them current. This bag can be used as clutch bag or as a handbag depending on how you feel it works best.



Hale deep cut ankle boots

I couldn't discuss this pink Zara suit without mention of my hale deep cut black ankle boots from Office. I had my eyes on these boots for a while, so I'm glad I decided to make a purchase. Not only are these boots aesthetically appealing but they are extremely comfortable. The length and the width of the heels are perfect for me. I actually, purchased the same boots in a bright red colour at the end of December in 2017. At the time I couldn't decide between the red and the black. The dilemmas we go through when making shopping decisions! However, at the start of 2018 I decided to treat myself to the black pair and I'm so glad I did.

Stephanie Sua
Stephanie Sua

Blue casual wear

Oh yes. It's Zara again. This casual suit caught my eye on the same day I purchased the tailored pink suit. The shoulder's are puffed up. This is what attracted me to this piece. The top is quite old school and funky so I thought it would be worth a try...and then a buy.

Clutch bag and red shoes

I bought this clutch bag from & Other Stories as an accessory for this outfit. The clutch is definitely a signature piece, combining blue, red, gold and leather. This is actually the first item I've purchased from & Other Stories. I think this is the start a new relationship between me and & Other Stories. I completed this outfit with a pair of suede and leather red shoes from Next, which I purchased about three years ago, but never really had the chance to wear. Well, at least now I can say these red shoes have come in handy.

Stephanie Sua

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