All things fuchsia

I travelled to Ghana in April for a short break and had such a lovely time chilling out with my family and friends. A close friend of mine (a designer and stylist based in Ghana) loves fashion (yes - birds of a feather flock together!) so when we meet, we spend hours talking about fashion and current trends in both Ghana and the UK. I love all things pink and fuchsia, so when my friend presented this lace skirt (layered with organdy fabric) to me I was so excited. My first thought was “I need to take a picture for my blog - the world needs to see this”, and rightly so, the colour is beautiful. The skirt came as a surprise, so I didn’t really have clothes to match with it. However, I decided to improvise and work with what I had in my suitcase at the time. And lo and behold, I had items in my suitcase that I could match with the skirt. As the skirt is very bold and colourful, I decided to wear it with a plain white vest top from Primark. I then teamed the outfit with a pair of fuchsia high heels from New Look, which I bought two years ago but haven’t worn. Earlier this year I bought a pair of fuchsia tassel earrings from H&M, which again I haven’t worn, but this was the opportunity to do so. I completed the look with my new sunglasses from Mango…just to add a little swag. If you are loving my skirt as much as I do and you are in Accra contact @henriettaokine via instagram for a custom made skirt of your own and get your swag on!

Sunglasses - Mango

White vest top - Primark

Fuchsia earrings - H&M

Fuchsia skirt - Henrietta Okine

Fuchsia high heels - New Look

Hair stylist @klassicshair

Photography @epicmomentsgh

Pink and black – suited and booted


I'm a big fan of tailored suits, so when I saw this pink suit in Zara, I knew I had to head straight into the fitting room and try it on. The suit was merchandised with a black camisole bodysuit. I decided to try all three pieces on together. Oh yes. They fit perfectly. The thick waist belt stood out for me. It's the subtle detail such as this, that can give a plain suit that extra edge.

I teamed up the suit with my hale deep cut ankle boots from Office. Aside from the aesthetic detail on these boots, they are extremely comfortable. Classy and comfortable is always a win.

Pink suit - Zara

Black camisole bodysuit - Zara

Black bag - Oasis

Black ankle boots - Office

Hair stylist @yirahair

Photography @matsitek