High waist mom jeans for a late summer day out

I couldn’t resist getting these high waist mom jeans when I saw them merchandised in the store. I decided to team up the jeans with an orange collared crop top (you know how much I love bright colours!) and a large mustard tote bag. My tan high heels from Dorothy Perkins came through for me once again. I love tan and these high heels are extremely comfortable to wear. Ladies, I just want to reinforce that we don’t always have to buy new items. Let’s not forget those comfortable hidden gems that we can rely on - on any given day. For me, this is a perfect outfit for a late summer day or a fun weekend getaway.


Gold studs - H&M

High waist jeans - Miss Selfridge

Orange collared crop top - Miss Selfridge

Mustard tote bag - Top Shop

Tan high heels - Dorothy Perkins

Photography: @jkgphotography

Revamping my summer wardrobe

I decided to revamp my wardrobe with some new summer pieces and Zara was a good place to start. The first outfit is a cream and caramel dress - matched with a transparent tan and cream bag. I completed the look with my tan high heeled shoes from Dorothy Perkins (these are over 2 years old!).


Pearl studs - Next

Cream and caramel dress - Zara

Transparent bag - Zara

Watch - Armani

Tan high heels - Dorothy Perkins


I also opted for the baby blue and white sailor dress and round basket bag. The sailor dress is extremely light and would be a great piece to wear during the day or even for a stroll on the beach by the seaside.

Baby blue sailor dress - Zara

Round basket bag - Zara

Watch - DNKY

My final piece (and I think my favourite of the three) is this white shirt dress, matched with a yellow beaded basket bag, and ankara print sandals. For me, this is the perfect day time spring/summer look.

White shirt dress - Zara

Yellow bag - Zara

Ankara print sandals - Zara

Watch - Van Peterson


Photography @matsitek

Asasa print shorts filled with colours


Asasa print shorts are back! Or is it the case that they have always been around but I wasn't aware of them? Whatever the case, they are currenty my favourite shorts to wear on the beach. Colours galore! I purchased these shorts from the Art Centre in Accra. I spent nearly two hours at the Art Centre trying on a number of shorts. I went to three vendors hunting for a pair of shorts that would fit me. I refused to leave without them. I'm not sure what the reason is, but each of the vendors I visited only had small sizes (XS and S) in store. The last vendor I went to see had to make contact with his contacts, in order to locate a medium size and get it delivered to the store. I must say, I was really impressed with the level of customer service I received. Anyway, I'm loving my shorts and I'm glad I didn't leave the Art Centre without it. I love the combination of fabrics and the array of colours. It's a fun piece to wear with swimwear on the beach. The fabric is soft and extremely comfortable, which is great when you want to play around or manoeuvre freely on the beach. I decided to wear my shorts with a plain black off the shoulder swimsuit from Top Shop. I understand you can also get Asasa print skirts. I'm yet to find out where. And when I do, I'll definitely keep you posted!

Sunglasses - Accessorize

Black off the shoulder swimsuit - Topshop

Asasa print shorts - Art Centre, Accra, Ghana

Hair stylist @klassicshair

Photography @epicmomementsgh

Ankara off the shoulder top combined with high street brands?

I’m particularly drawn to the various colours and shapes found within Ankara fabric. Just as the sun brightens up the day, the array of colours in Ankara fabric brightens up my mood. I’m amazed about the power of colour and how it can alter one’s mood, day or experience. Those very close to me know how much I adore bright colours. Yellow seems to be a particular favourite for me at the moment. I really enjoyed combining this yellow and blue Ankara off the shoulder short sleeve top with my blue pencil skirt from Primark, and tan high heel shoes from Dorothy Perkins. I decided to complete my outfit with an orange beaded necklace that I bought from the Art Centre in Accra, to compliment the orange detail in my top. Every clothing piece is a few years old. Yes ladies! We don’t always need to buy something new to feel new. Rejuvenating old clothing items is fun and saves you some coins too. So, unless you’ve got a fund account that doesn’t run dry, you can generally put a few old clothing items together and still look fab!


Gold studs - H&M

Orange necklace - Art Centre, Accra, Ghana

Ankara top - hand made in Ghana

Blue skirt - Primark

Watch - DKNY

Tan high heels - Dorothy Perkins

Hair stylist @Klassicshair

Photography @epicmomentsgh



All things fuchsia

I travelled to Ghana in April for a short break and had such a lovely time chilling out with my family and friends. A close friend of mine (a designer and stylist based in Ghana) loves fashion (yes - birds of a feather flock together!) so when we meet, we spend hours talking about fashion and current trends in both Ghana and the UK. I love all things pink and fuchsia, so when my friend presented this lace skirt (layered with organdy fabric) to me I was so excited. My first thought was “I need to take a picture for my blog - the world needs to see this”, and rightly so, the colour is beautiful. The skirt came as a surprise, so I didn’t really have clothes to match with it. However, I decided to improvise and work with what I had in my suitcase at the time. And lo and behold, I had items in my suitcase that I could match with the skirt. As the skirt is very bold and colourful, I decided to wear it with a plain white vest top from Primark. I then teamed the outfit with a pair of fuchsia high heels from New Look, which I bought two years ago but haven’t worn. Earlier this year I bought a pair of fuchsia tassel earrings from H&M, which again I haven’t worn, but this was the opportunity to do so. I completed the look with my new sunglasses from Mango…just to add a little swag. If you are loving my skirt as much as I do and you are in Accra contact @henriettaokine via instagram for a custom made skirt of your own and get your swag on!

Sunglasses - Mango

White vest top - Primark

Fuchsia earrings - H&M

Fuchsia skirt - Henrietta Okine

Fuchsia high heels - New Look

Hair stylist @klassicshair

Photography @epicmomentsgh